24 July 2012

Are you listening universe?

A friend of mine recently made some very brave declarations about his life and career and lifelong dream. I found it inspirational and thought I would subject my readers (all 5 of you) to a similar post. I do very much believe that when you say stuff out loud the universe listens especially closely and begins to move toward you. This is as opposed to thinking about something that never gets verbalized for which the universe is completely and totally oblivious and as a result lets you spin in the abyss until you "use your words" as I like to say to my 3 year old. Ok. Using my words now.

I want my readers to go from 5 to 5000 by the end of the summer. After that I want my stuff to go viral. I want people to read my stuff and laugh. I want to get better and better at writing. I want to start my doula business and blog in the fall. And I want to make a bountiful living for my family doing all of it. There. Said it. Out loud. And now you are all my witnesses. Great.

Writing has awakened a sense of purpose and creative thirst that I have not had for myself in a long time, so thanks for supporting me in this endeavor.

And now I will stop being all schlocky and sentimental and serious and relay to you something funny that Jack said. Backstory: He has a friend at school named Kimberlea (pronounced Kim-ber-lee-uh). He really likes this song by the Kaiser Chiefs called Oh My God. The chorus goes: "Oh my god I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home". Ok, so he gets in the car yesterday and puts in his usual request with the DJ immediately. Lately it's been "Doublewide" by Southern Culture on the Skids (look, I know ok? We have issues with The Wheels on the Bus sometimes ok?) but yesterday he requests "Oh My God I Kimberlea". Pretty awesome.

Oh, one other cute monkey trick he's been performing recently is saying "Oh Papa that's gross!!" whenever Jason farts. This is my favorite. And I swear I did not teach him that!! Jason doesn't believe me, but I promise you, Jason is the one who taught him that. Jason farts and he says, "Oh Jack that's gross!" He gets what he deserves. TMI? Well, that's the mulligan household, what can I say! I better publish this quick before Jason revokes what he said about me having blogger carte blanche.

"Look, I told you it's gross Papa, and that's all I have to say about it."

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