03 September 2012

Imagination of a Future Mad Scientist

I'm supposed to be writing out instructions for Mima (this is our version of grandma - pronounced MEE-MAW) on how to care for our child for 8 days we are gone. I think maybe I'll just print up a sheet that says only this: 
Instead I know I'll end up printing an instruction book that would make atomic engineering look easy by comparison…whatever that is, is that even a thing? Atomic engineering? I don't know, I don't do research for these posts.

Actually INSTEAD I'm writing a blog post when I should be writing out instructions on how to survive 8 days alone with my kid. (Wow, come to think of it I don't think even I have spent 8 days alone with my kid. Mima is my hero already.)

It's because I came across this while I was cleaning up just now:

The house is quiet, father and son have headed off to the beach. I am tidying up and I find this little piece of evidence that tells a story from Jack's imagination. In case the photo is hard to make out, it's 4 pieces of train on a window sill. It stopped me in my tracks because I could just see jack playing quietly by himself with this train set this morning. For Jack, the train is in a mountain pass, going through a tunnel. Or it's perched on some unthinkable vista looking for a way down to civilization and the giant train eating dogs that menace the ground:

beware the tiny terror

Jack's imagination is amazing. This is the best part of parenting a 3 year old. Every day something new and unthinkable is created out of the beautiful brain of this child and I get to watch it all unfold. This morning Jack's big stuffed dog became a wolf and his pillow hippo became a dinosaur and they both went on a rampage through the town of Jackster. Jack regularly inquires if there are monsters under his bed even though his bed sits on the floor, there is no "under" under Jack's bed. Scooter the beta fish is actually a species of whale known as the "Mongous" (because humongous is a bit too complicated.) And then there's the whole issue of those pesky spider webs that might bite you if you get too close, even though I have tried to explain that the web is the spider's house, no no, the web can bite too so watch out!

This is a dragon that Jack found outside in the yard:

Yes, actually, we ARE those parents who frame and shellac
a twig our kid found

And here is a picture Jack drew of him and his Papa playing basketball:

Jason is upside down in this picture, and he's a lot smaller than Jack.
Wonder what Freud would say?

Which demonstrates a huge imagination seeing as how Jack doesn't even know what a basketball is, and he certainly has never played it with his Papa. The only sports father and son have ever played together were hex bug racing

Why do dudes look guilty when you catch them doing dude things?

and horse racing

Giddyup Daddy!

and the horse got a lame leg and had to be shot.

Man I love my family. How lucky am I?

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