11 October 2012

Tolerance just feels like a totally incompetent word, but it will have to do

Today is National Coming Out day I just found out. I'm so glad there is a day for it. I personally will not be coming out but I so hope that there are lots of people out there mustering the courage to be open and honest with their family members and friends about who they are. I will meditate for them today, all of them who need the support and assistance from wherever they can find it. For all of them I say this:
You have a beautiful light inside of you, please let it shine. Please let it shine and light the way for the lonely souls around you who are lost in the dark. It is your duty. You cannot be less than who you are. You cannot be a shadow of yourself. You cannot be a figment of everyone else's imagination. You MUST be authentically you, completely you, fully you, so that I may know you and love you authentically, completely, fully. And so that others may as well. You do everyone around you a disservice when you hold yourself back. Let me see you just as you are, for you can see me just as I am. Would it help if you had a hand to hold? Would it help if you had a friend standing at your side, hand on the small of your back to steady you? I bet you know someone who will do these things for you. You are only alone if you keep hiding, so let it shine baby!
Yesterday as I was driving my son to school we saw a happy little boy with fairy wings on walking to school. I smiled very big and pointed him out to Jack. The window was rolled down and Jack yelled out" Hi! Hi! Hi little boy!" The boy's nanny saw me and spared me no smile, until she heard Jack calling after the boy. It took her a moment to see that I was not making fun, that I simply loved what I saw - a little boy free to dress how he wanted. That I wanted my son to see that and think nothing strange of it. Jack is close to four now so this is not an issue. It's also not an issue because out of all the things I will impart on my child (including the things I do not want to impart but will anyway) THIS is at least one I know I will get right: expecting and embracing diversity as normal and vital. Tolerance. (I sort of can't tolerate that word, but I looked it up and the definition is not as bad as I thought.)

Happy coming out day everyone! Good luck and be sure to share your stories with us!

Below you will see Jack demonstrating his ability to embrace that which is different from him. He does it with such ease. Total pro.

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