25 February 2013

NO YOU DO NOT have permission

to use photos from this blog without contacting me first so we can have a chat and I can try to assess whether or not you are a crazy right wing libertarian gun loving government hating conspiracy theorist freak spewing ignorant toxic pollution into the universe.

And for the love of jebus if you're going to steal an image of my child have the decency to make a FUNNY meme.

Clear enough?

Here is the original photo

Hi my name is Jack. In this picture I'm 3. I'm cute and innocent. Please
don't turn me into a stupid toxic fucked up meme. Thanks.
Here is another adorable look at innocence .

Again, my name is Jack. I have a Teddy Bear
and a flower. Please don't make this about
Obama's birth certificate. I'm 3. Look! A Squirrel!

Here is the stolen image and the seriously stupid meme…the best someone could come up with given the awesomeness of the picture…very disappointing.

Don't look at this too long, it'll burn your retinas, especially if you have
any sort of intelligence and even a small capacity for rational thought.

Click here if you feel like ranting about this. You can also click here and rant since these guys have their URL on my photo.

Now please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and have a look at the COPYRIGHT NOTICE. Of course, if you're reading this blog then chances are very good you don't need to be told twice.


  1. So absolutely lame. I can't believe they would steal a photo from a copyrighted blog. I have seen many people steal photos that aren't copyrighted, but they are just asking to get sued here.

    1. Seriously! I filed an official copyright infringement complaint with Facebook, we shall see...

  2. Holy Shit! This happened??? Freaking crazy!

    1. well honestly its not as bad as discovering pedophiles have been looking at my site. I better take down those links though, they did finally remove the post. ah the internets!