04 February 2013

Random thoughts on a Monday

Time is passing. Too slowly, and then I blinked and everything changed. (It's a little schizophrenic like that…time…) I took a break from writing to re-prioritize my life and set some new goals. Also, I was frustrated about temporarily misplacing my sense of humor. Turns out taking a break from writing does not do several things: 1) it does not make me a better writer. 2) it does not help me figure out new things to write about 3) it gets me no closer to understanding my goals and priorities. 4) it does not help me figure out where I misplaced my sense of humor. SO. Pardon me while I write through this block. I have several completely random and unrelated things to write about today.

Time is moving quickly, as I said up there, at the beginning. My son is barreling through childhood like a fast moving river and it's washing over me so strongly sometimes I think I might drown. Today I am mourning the loss of curl in his hair. That's it. Nothing more. His hair used to be long and unkempt and curly. Now it's shaggy and not very curly.

Yesterday I finally remembered to write down this hilarious thing Jack says. I often say to him, "Let's fix that, shall we?" or "Let's do that, shall we?" And every time I say that to him Jack laughs and says, "Oh, I'm not shall we!!" Being a huge fan of the movie Airplane I find this little exchange absolutely brilliant. It's like we are paying homage to comedic greatness and he doesn't even know it. The bit goes a little differently in Airplane, but the idea is the same.

Speaking of Jack and his budding sense of humor…he is totally aware of the funny he makes when he stands in a box and shouts, "Jack in the box!!"

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, and because I can embarrass 2 people at once with this photo…I give you…Jack in his Papa's underwear:

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