19 April 2013

Over the river and through the woods…(part one)

My little family of three went on a grand adventure recently. If you missed the daily posts to my facebook page, never fear! I have compiled the grunged out, instagram-tastic pics (and a few unfiltered ones as well) here for your weekly peek into my fascinating life. My photo editing "skills" are completely schizophrenic and I can't remember from one pic to the next what filter I used so please forgive my array styles and filters that cover every decade from 1959 on and echo bad magazine photo journalism in one breath and polaroid nostalgia in the next.  Aside from the somber mission of the trip (to visit my ailing mother who just entered hospice care) we did manage to have an adventure and we also managed to have some laughs and see some really beautiful things along the way. Here is my attempt at telling you the story with more images than words…

Waiting to board the train

Thomas the Train on the train…whoa.

Awesome view from the train. Saw dolphins too.

This is Tuesday. Yes, this guy is Tuesday. This super friendly guy shared
his 100 proof vodka with Jason. G'bless the kindness of strangers.
What a fascinating cross section of American society is found on a train! That woman sitting next to Tuesday got up to look for another seat when he sat down next to her. She was hoping she could pretend like she was on an airplane and not talk to anyone, which was going to be damn near impossible with a guy like Tuesday sitting next to her. Eventually she found her way back to her seat and Tuesday worked his miraculous charm on her. They spent most of the trip, heads bent together chatting privately. When we got to San Luis Obispo Tuesday stood up and announced, "C'mon, Nancy! This is our stop!" And she got up and they left together. Amazing. And of course Tuesday left his half bottle of 100 proof vodka with Jason before leaving, offering us a hearty farewell and safe trip. Sometimes, people are awesome.

This is Saquina. She is the prosperity doctor. She sat with us for lunch and we
learned all about the 5 elements in chinese healing philosophies. It was quite
serendipitous that we were seated together, I don't think the typical amtrak traveler
would have appreciated her insights as much as we did. LOVED her.
And g'bless the iPad and Pixar. What did parents do 20 years ago without these
gadgets? Oh that's right, corporeal punishment.

Dinner with Mr. Messy on a train in which he declares a ban on macaroni
and cheese. Cheerios for dinner everybody!
just pure evil

We woke up in Southern Oregon after a rocky night sleeping coach. This little town we went through is a lumber town. We saw lumber yards everywhere. And every house in town was pre-fab or trailer. There was not one house made of wood in the whole damn town. I found that very strange so I took a picture to remember it.

This is Dave. He was my seat mate from Klamath Falls on. Really sweet old guy
traveling to Portland to see his grand-baby for the first time. The stale smoke
smell seemed to ooze from his pores.

I was a little concerned about seeing power lines leaning dangerously close
to a lake, but what do I know?
There was an empty car below us and Jack found a playmate there in the morning.
We told them to help push the train so we could get there faster.

After 28 hours we arrived in Eugene. It would have been 26 hours but we were delayed on day one because some guy got drunk and started a brawl on the train. Like I said, the cross section of people was fascinating. 

Time for a visit with Mom.


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  1. The last photo is the most beautifully disturbing thing I've ever seen.