24 April 2013

Over the river and through the woods…(part two)

If you missed part one you can click here for it. This post continues with our recent journey to Grandmother's house…

Jack prepares for a hair-raising, nail-biting, thrill-seeking ride on Granny's
hospital bed.

Scarier than a burned out nightlight.

More fun than disney land.

We managed (with the help of my Mom's really awesome caregivers) to get her into the wheelchair and out for a stroll around the trailer park.

I showed mom the FaceTime camera on my fancy iSchmancy so we took a few silly ones. I showed her this one and she started complaining about her smile looking like a frown so I insisted we take some frowny pics:

guys doing guy things: walking dogs, checking stock prices.

A road map.

We managed a stroll through the hood twice! Mom wore this stellar hat on this particular walk. Pretty sure she made it, she's handy like that.

Singin' in the Rain

Ok so, a little history here. The above is a really bad picture of a really really GOOD picture. These are my step-sisters and I've known them for approximately 35 years. Robin is the older of the two (pictured in the white shirt) and she used to babysit me way WAY back when. They didn't actually become my step sisters until I was about 22 years old. By then I was in college and we were all worlds away. But they are my step-sisters nonetheless and I love them dearly. Devan, the younger one pictured here, I haven't seen since I don't know when. Maybe it's been about 32 years? Wow, time flies. So anyway, yeah, I got sisters finally when I was an adult.

These are my grandparents (my Mother's parents) They were on the Vaudeville circuit. So this is where I get it from, if you were wondering.

It's a very strange thing watching your parents get old. Well, old and fragile too, I guess. It's even weirder when you have kids and you're watching your parents get old. Jack is at an age now where he is starting to make long term memories. So he's going to remember what I look like right now. I remember what my Mom looked like when I was 5 or 6 and she was 40 or 41. I wonder if someday I will look like this to my child? I wonder what he will say to me, what he will remember of me, what kinds of memories and laughs we will share when he is sitting at my bedside?

I hear everyone loves cats, so here's one who looks slightly bonkers to me.

Yellow hearts with purple wings, growing in my brother's wonderland garden.

This is Oma (Sally really. Jack calls her Oma like her other grandchildren do.) Oma is the mom of my stepsisters. So does that make her my stepmother? My mom married her ex-husband, so I have no idea what that makes her to me…except a precious friend and spiritual sister aside from our strange family entwinement (wow, that's a word, spell check did not ding me!) Oma opened her home to us so we were able to stay just a few houses down from where my mom lives. This one's a gem right here friends.

breakfast at Oma's...

…consisting of hot chocoloate, toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar. notice the full
untouched bowl of granola in front of him.

I captured the river for my big city friends who might be confused about
what a river may or may not be.

and a lake to differentiate...

RIVER. one of my friends thought this might be a lake. see you people NEED me
to differentiate nature for you.

Central California, somewhere near the grapevine…a strangely run down and abandoned
migrant village. 

A weird Grapes of Wrath plot of land surrounded by lush green fields
of crops.
Bye-Bye Grandma, we will see you soon.

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