21 July 2014

Does this make me a hippie?

That I changed my daughter's name? In my defense I'd like to say that we still have not gotten her birth certificate so changing her name was as hard as just starting to call her Rowan instead of calling her Marley. Plus she'll have a really funny story to tell her friends when she gets older about how her mom is indecisive and perhaps even a little bit loony.

I knew there was a reason I gave her two middle names. See her name was Marlena Rowan Harper and now she's Rowan Harper. I'm not that crazy ok? It's not like I changed her name to Moonbeam River Trout Storm. Yes I co-sleep with her too but that also does not make me a hippie, it makes me lazy. It's a serious pain in the ass to get up 6 to 8 times a night to soothe a waking baby. AND YES MY BABY STILL WAKES UP 6 TO 8 TIMES A NIGHT SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT. (Please) I'm so sorry, that must have been a little sleep deprivation induced rage. (Seriously though if one more person asks me if she's sleeping through the night...ok that's another post entirely.)

It really is this simple: she seems much more like someone who is called Rowan than Marley. She's very charming and smiley, she can be extremely loud and pushy, and she already has a razor sharp focus. Rowan is a tree. it also means red in the Irish context. So she's rooted (which she is). And her hair is a little red in the sun.

And also, because I said so.

Yeah ok, that doesn't work on Jack either. So I'm a hippie. Here's another hippie thing about me: I've been wondering lately if all these planned cesarean births in this country are screwing with kids numerology? I don't even think i believe in numerology but if I did I would be concerned about how parents are deciding their kids numerology rather than...biology, I guess. And so what does that do to your identity later in life?

Ok that's pretty ridiculous and also I think sleep deprivation induced hysteria. Can someone google it for me and find out if there is a whole "Don't mess with your kid's numerology" movement out there? I'm curious. And now I will nap.

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